Wednesday, 28 November 2012

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Crack a WEP Wireless using Fern WiFi Cracker

This tutorial is for people that like to crack WEP the easy way although its not all that easy in my previous post we looked at How to Crack WiFi Network easily using Aircrack-NG for Linux OS today in this tutorial we will be cracking a WiFi network using FERN WiFi CRACKER which is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Aircrack-NG.
Before we go into this tutorial you need to first of all  Click here to Download Fern WiFi Cracker After the Download is complete  Open FERN WiFi CRACKER using the following commmand

Update FERN WiFi CRACKER if required

Now to the tutorial.... 

Follow this steps carefully to crack a WEP WiFi Network Successfully 

1. Click on the drop down and select the interface you will like to work on in my case I'm working on WLAN0 

A popup will appear within Few seconds like this one


Now Click on the Ok button. The next part is optional, Now i want you to agree with me on the fact that cracking a network with connected client is much easier than without. So if you'd like to try it you can as well follow the step mentioned below:

*Double click in any area of the main window
*A window named Access Point Scan Preferences will open
*Click the Enable XTerms checkbox
*Click the Ok button

2. If you did the part were you enabled XTerm, two popups will appear. Since this tutorial deals with WEP cracking you can close the one named FERN (WPA SCAN). Now let’s have a look at the window called FERN (WEP SCAN). We need a accesspoint with a client connected to it. At the top half of the screen we will see all the access points in the area, and a lot of information about them. At the bottom of the window we see that a client is connected to a Access point with the BSSID 00:13:f7:61:24:DA. If we compare this list in the top of the screen we will see that the name of this Access point is SMC. So now we know that the access point SMC have a client connected.

3. Now close the window FERN (WEP Scan) and click on the Wifi WEP button. A window named Fern WEP Attack will open. Click on the drop down list to select the access point you'd like to work on, in my case I'm working on SMC.

4. Now click on the Attack button and wait until you get the following window displaying the key to the WEP wireless network you selected.

When the password is cracked, it will be shown at the bottom of the dialog box...
(before going further, i suggest you to connect to the internet for this)

Go to "toolbox" --> Geolocatory tracker.

Give the bssid of the AP in the text box and click "Trace".

I think everyone has already guessed what it will show...
YES... INDEED... IT WILL SHOW YOU THE LOCATION OF THE AP ON THE GOOGLE MAPS ... You can see the coordinates as well..

And also you can see in the toolbox, there's a button for cookie hijacking called "cookie hijacker" ..
ok guys so that's it for now... :-)

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73b3711e-3954-11e2-95d9-000bcdca4d7a on 28 November 2012 at 04:11 said...

This package is only designed for Linux O.S.... Is there anyone for the Windox?

Henry Ekeocha on 30 November 2012 at 05:32 said...

Yeah this particular package is not yet available on windows Os but just stay connected in my next post my next post will be on how to hack a windows windows.....

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